JJ Zucker

Originally from St. Louis, J.J.  started playing drums at the age of 13 and was able to work with bands playing different styles of music such as Blues, Jazz and Big Band.  While attending Webster College, he studied percussion and timpani with staff members from the St. Louis Symphony.

In 1976, he arrived in Denver and immediately started digging Country and Western Swing Music.  He also fell in love with Colorado’s sandy soil.  Easy on the shovel and backhoe.

Over the last 41 years in Colorado, he has had the opportunity to play with dozens of local country bands and artists, such as Bourbon Renewal, Rage of the Sage, Whirlwind, Wild River, Two Bucks n’ Change, Dave Toland and the Z-Bar Band,  Dewey Knight, Harold Waits, Theresa Lynn, Bonnie Rose and Six Second Ride, Rudy Grant and Branded, and the Michael Golden Band.

He has been dying to work with Dooley’s Noose, while also undertaking other side projects.

Favorite time of day, Midnight.

Favorite color, Black.  What else is there?