Joe Holenbek

Joe is a very talented guitarist (as well as master of other instruments).  He was a member of “The Saints” selected by group leader Dave Barhite.  Joe recalls a story when he and some band mates were out of town at a restaurant – when a local acoustic trio performing there approached their table stating they were about to play “Desafinado” a complex jazz oriented number recorded by so many and made popular by Charlie Byrd and Stan Getz (#15 Hot 100 – 1962).  Joe asked for one of their guitars.  The musicians looked at him with more than a look of concern for their instrument.  At this point Joe began to ripple through the song structure taking the trio completly by surprise – and then calmly handed them their guitar back. Joe graduated from Jefferson High School and played lead guitar with “The Saints” who recorded on Band Box Records in the very early 1960’s and was also inducted into the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame in 2006.